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Quran Memorization


As we know that Quran is the Holy Book which ALLAH sent for the improvement of Muslims in every field of life and to live a better life.

So, memorizing, reading and understanding Quran in a proper way is a worthy act which every Muslim should do on daily basis.

Quran memorization is the best way to achieve all the blessings of ALLAH. With Quran memorization, you will be included in the beloved people list of ALLAH.

If you wanted to learn Quran memorization you can enroll in our online courses of Quran in which if offer different kinds of Quran courses.

There are Quran reading course, Quran Tajweed Course, Quran Comprehension course and Quran memorization course.

We have different teachers for Quran memorization course which includes Arab male and female teachers as well as non-Arab male and female teachers.

These teachers are highly qualified and best teachers and you can choose your own teacher according to your choice and according to your timings.

Quran Memorization Course

We offer our online Quran memorization course which is for everyone i.e., children, adults both male and female.

Even if someone recently converted his/her religion into Islam, they can also learn Quran and can learn everything about Islam through our courses.

We have a team of certified and experienced teachers who give their best to deliver message of Allah to every Muslim.

It’s up to you that if you wanted to memorize the full Quran or you wanted to memorize some specific part of the Quran.

So, our course of online Quran memorization can be customized according to your choice whether you wanted to learn all of the surah of Quran or some of them.

In our Quran memorization course, we offer one-on-one teaching method and, in this way, our expert teacher will focus on all of your difficulties and all of your issues.

Another benefit to enroll in this Quran memorization course is, you can check on your children anytime that on which page they are memorizing and from whom they are memorizing the Quran.

Quran Memorization with perfect Tajweed

First of all, you need to know what is Tajweed? Tajweed is an Arabic word which means accurate and perfect pronunciation of the words of Quran.

The perfect and accurate pronunciation is an important thing because if you pronounce any word in a wrong way then the meaning of the word will be changed.

As Quran is the Holy book of Allah so nobody has the right to change its meaning. In Quran Allah says that I have sent this book for people and he is the protector of this book. So, it is essential to memorize the Quran with the accurate Tajweed.

In our online Quran memorization course, we have experts and they give more importance on Tajweed so that there will be no issue in the pronunciation of words.

The expert tutors make sure that their students memorize the Quran with the flawless and accurate Tajweed.

Learning objectives of our online Quran memorization course

In our online Institiute, we have set some objectives for learning and our expert teachers work hard to achieve these learning objectives in this online Quran memorization course.

If you choose this course then you will be able to learn all the following things:

  1. Quran Memorization with perfect Tajweed
  2. You will get all the knowledge of Islam and knowledge about our Prophet (S.A.W)’s life and how he (S.A.W) spend his life.
  3. What are the actual reasons present behind the revelation of every surahs and verses.
  4. You will learn why it is important to perform Sajda which comes in Quran and how you can perform it?
  5. You will also learn about the bookmarks present in Quran like Waqf.
  6. You will learn how to recite the Holy Quran with proficiency.

After all this you get to know that how we are offering the online Quran memorization course and what are the method and objectives of our course. If you still have any doubt about anything you can contact us on our number.

You can also enroll in this course on our website or by contacting us on our phone number.



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  • 30 Minutes Class

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  • 30 Minutes Class

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  • 30 Minutes Class

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  • 30 Minutes Class


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  • Weekend (SAT & SUN)
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