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Quran Translation & Tafseer

The first question comes to mind when you hear about the term “Quran Tafseer” what is the Quran Tafseer?

In this blog, we will give you all the answers which come to your mind about the Quran Translation and Tafseer.

Tafseer is a word that comes from the root word faster which means to uncover or display something. If someone is going to display or uncover something that means putting forward or clarifying the thing.

So overall meaning of Tafseer is to clarify anything. In the Quran, Tafseer has a different meaning. According to Quran, Tafseer means conveying the message of Allah which is present in the Quran as Surahs.

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Importance of Tafseer

It is important to learn Quran Tafseer because every Muslim whether they are speaking in English or Arabic language, it is very essential to understand the Quran and without understanding the meanings of the words of the Quran you will not apply them in your life.

Some Arabic-speaking Muslims might think that they don’t need to learn Quran Tafseer but that is not the case, they should need to learn Quran Tafseer correctly.

The reason is that the Arabic language in which Quran is written is different from the Arabic language the Arabs speak now so they also need to learn Tafseer properly.

However, some of the Arabic words in the Quran have multiple meanings so if a person does not research the actual meaning and scenario behind that word when the verse was revealed then you might conclude its different meaning.

But the majority of the Quran is very self-explanatory and very much clear and it does not need to be explained but some of the parts might lead you to some confusion if you don’t know who the verse refers to and what was the period it reveals.

So it is important to learn the Quran Tafseer in an accurate and meaningful way.


Who Can Write Tafseer?

Only those can write Tafseer who has the mere knowledge of Islam, without knowledge no one can write it.

A person can’t pick up the Holy Quran and start to translate its meanings unless that person understands it.

In the Quran, everything is said by Allah and if someone misinterprets it then it means that he is adding something which Allah doesn’t say. It is a big and grave sin so anyone should not do this kind of sin.


Why Tasfees was needed?

As we know that Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was the living example of the Quran. He (S.A.W) was a living Quran and he (S.A.W) used to teach the Quran and live life according to the Quran.

So the question comes when was the Quran Tafseer needed?

After the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) passed away, all the sahabah go around the world to teach Muslims about Quran and Islam so at that time they started to do Quran Tafseer to understand the Quran and religion better.

They do Tasfeer in different methods some of them use examples to explain and some others use different words to explain the same thing without changing the actual meaning of the verse.

Sahabah used these methods and pass the same methods to the new generations and that’s how different Tafseer of the Quran has built.

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 Following are the methodologies sahabas used to do Tafseer:

  • First method: They used to understand the meaning of the Quran in the light of other verses.
  • Second method: Some of them used to understand the Quran in the light of the Arabic language.
  • Third method: Some of them used to understand the Quran according to the Prophetic traditions that they have retained with them carefully.

The main reason behind these methods was that they were feared of saying anything about Quran with their opinion because they knew that it is a grave sin if they added anything which is not mentioned in the Quran.

Quran Translation

Quran Translation is also important as the Quran Tafseer you need to be more careful about it also.

Quran Translation from Arabic to other languages is always been a difficult issue because Quran is a holy book so every word of the Quran has a different meaning so it should be translated in a way that its meaning doesn’t change.

So many Muslims did Quran translation into their languages which include Urdu, English, Farsi, etc.


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