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Quran Translation & Tafseer – Part 2

If you wanted to learn Quran Translation then you can enroll in our course online Quran translation. We have a team of experts who teaches the student how you can learn Quran Translation.

To learn Quran Tafseer we offer an online course in which our experienced teachers teach and guide you everything about Quran Tafseer.



It is important to learn Quran Tafseer because every Muslim whether they are speaking in English or Arabic language, it is very essential to understand the Quran and without understanding the meanings of the words of the Quran you will not apply them in your life.

Some Arabic-speaking Muslims might think that they don’t need to learn Quran Tafseer but that is not the case, they should need to learn Quran Tafseer correctly.

The reason is that the Arabic language in which Quran is written is different from the Arabic language the Arabs speak now so they also need to learn Tafseer properly.

However, some of the Arabic words in the Quran have multiple meanings so if a person does not research the actual meaning and scenario behind that word when the verse was revealed then you might conclude its different meaning.


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