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Quran Classes for Kids

Parents dream for their children to give them the best educations. Hereafter; undoubtedly the best is the parents give to their kids to teach them the book of Allah SWT. While the Holy Quran is the light for this life and the next to be successful.

Kids are fast learners, as we all know that the best age to learn anything is the young age. Online Madrasa offers online Quran classes for kids.

We have dedicated online female and male Quran teachers for kids. Both Native Arab and Non-Arab. Which they are well-experienced and qualified while teaching the Quran online to kids.

About Quran course for Kids

The Quran course for kids is specially designed by a board of experts Quran teachers. To teach the Holy book of Allah to children in a friendly environment. As it provides an exciting atmosphere to learn Quran for kids. Once the children start the Quran online they will learn the Quran from their heart. And, at the end of the coursestudents will be able to read the Quran correctly and accurately as per the rules of Tajweed.  

Also, we have to mention here that in our online Quran classes for beginners. The students learn and memorize the Quran online from 2-3 years of duration. But it depends on the Quran students’ attention, determinations, and the classes they take per week.

We do not teach Quran online only to Kids but alike to adults, ladies, or women too around the world. Feel free to contact Online Madrasa!

Why you Should Choose Course Quran for kids ?

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Female Quran teacher for women, ladies or f foremost online Quran Academy in Uk, USA, Australia, West, and Canada. We are teaching the online Quran for the last 12 years to thousands of students around the world. Dedicated online female and male Quran teachers for kids. Online Quran Academy offers classes for kids which are suitable from the absolute beginning and introduction to letters, like an introduction to learning any language. A young mind is also perceptive to learning at a faster pace and can adapt to the skills early, however qualified guidance is required to teach the kids and encourage them into developing a punctual habit of consistent learning of the Quran. Thus here we are and offer the Quran courses for kids to teach them Quran online in a way they can easily understand and learn.

6 Reasons to choose Course Quran classes for kids

  1. Special Designed Course; Quran for Kids
  2. Experienced and Certified Quran Teachers
  3. Online One-on-One Quran Classes for Kids
  4. Weekly and Monthly Reports to the Parents
  5. Kids will not Only learn the Quran in this Course
  6. Best Price
  7. Experience free Demo for a week

Special Designed Course for kids

The Online Quran course for kids is designed as per the needs and level of the kids. Parents and Kids don’t have to worry about Arabic and the current level of the Quran. Our teachers have 10+ years of experience already teaching Quran online to kids in a friendly, interactive, and enjoyable environment to keep the kids motivated to learn faster. Course Quran teachers work hard to teach the kids the Quran in a very easy way or make the Quran learning easy for the children. Our teachers adopt unique and creative methods of Quran teaching in order to make the learning of the Quran joyful for your children and keep them passionate to learn the Quran faster and correctly.


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Avail this opportunity for your kids to learn the Quran online from the native Arab Quran teachers. While they have to pronounce the words of the Quran correctly and 100% with accuracy. As the Quran is revealed in the Arabic language make sure that you have to choose the right Quran teacher for your kids. Who can help them to learn properly and pronounce Arabic in letters in the right way while reading the Quran?

Experienced and Certified Quran Teachers

Course Quran teaching the Quran from the last 10+ years. We carefully hired the Quran teachers for kids. All our teacher is hand-picked, Qualified, and 8+ years of experience while teaching online Quran courses for Kids.

  • Native Arab Male Quran Teachers for kids
  • Native Arab Female Quran Teachers for Kids
  • Non-Arab Male Quran Teachers for Kids
  • Non-Arab Female Quran Teachers for Kids

You can interview any teacher for your children, and choose the one that you want him to teach the Quran to your kids.

Online One-on-One Quran Classes for kids

Most of the Online Quran Academies for kids are taking joint classes, but online Madrasa for kids offers online one-on-one Quran classes for kids. This helps the kids to learn Quran faster without any hesitation. They can ask any question from their Quran tutors freely. And, the teachers can give their 100% attention to kids in order to learn the Quran in very short time with correct and accurate pronunciation.


Weekly and Monthly Reports to the Parents

We can maintain the record for each student in our online portal of online Quran classes for kids. For the purpose to tack and monitor their progress. And, this report at the end of the week and month was shared with the parents for outstanding outcomes. Which Parents can be informed of their kids Quran learning progress. To monitor their children, progress throughout the Quran for kids’ course.

Kids will not Only Learn the Quran but Much more

In this Quran course for the kids. They will not only learn the basic Tajweed, Arabic, and Quran reading. Online Madrasa teachers will teach them the basics of Islam as well at the start of class. Let’s have a look at what your children’s will be able to learn;

  1. Basics of Islam
  2. Five pillars of Islam
  3. How to performing Wudu?
  4. To learn about the Prophet Muhammad SAW
  5. Stories of Islam
  6. Islam and Modern Science
  7. Masnoon Dua’s and Supplications
  8. Islamic Creed
  9. Noorani Qaida
  10. Basic Tajweed for Kids

Best Price we offer for Quran Kids Courses

Course Quran offers the best price for Kids Online Quran Course ONLIY 10$ PER MONTH.

Experience Free Demo Now

Only we offer free classes for the whole week that your children better understand our Quran teachers. Let your kids Experience a free demo now, and start the Quran classes for kids online.


Course Description

Course Quran divides the Quran course for kids into three sections.

  1. Quran Classes for Beginners
  2. Quran Reading Classes for kids
  3. Quran Memorization Classes for Kids

In free trial classes, our teachers can evaluate the kids and determine their level. Then kids will join the basic Quran classes, reading classes, or memorization classes.


Online Quran Courses for Kids

Noorani Qaida For Kids

Course Quran offers Noorani Qaida courses for kids and beginners at cut rates. We have both male and female online Quran teachers specially dedicated to kids 24/7. Learn in one-on-one sessions through skype at your best time.

Quran Reading for Kids

Qualified online Quran teachers to teach you how to read Quran online. Online Madrasa has a team of Professional Quran female and male teachers for kids. Hire the best Quran teachers for your kids here. Experience a free demo for a week before enrollment.

Learn Quran With Tajweed [Kids]

Special online Quran tajweed course for kids. Experience free one-week trial classes then choose the best online Quran teacher

Online Quran Classes For Adults (Male & Female)

Online Madrasa online Quran Academy offers courses for beginners up to advanced level students and helps them learn Quran with Tajweed, Makharij, and Tilawah. 

Course Quran Provides the Learners with Proper Tajweed Guided Holy Quran Recitation in Online Quran Classes with Experienced Male and Female Quran Tutors. These tutors not only provide you with instructions about how to do it but also help you encounter the problems you face during your learning period.


Select a plan & Get started learning

Plan A

Per Month
$ $30
  • 2 Days A Week
  • 30 Minutes Class

Plan B

Per Month
$ $40
  • 3 Days A Week
  • 30 Minutes Class

Plan C

Per Month
$ 25
99 Month
  • 4 Days A Week
  • 30 Minutes Class

Plan D

Per Month
$ $50
  • 5 Days A Week
  • 30 Minutes Class


Per Month
$ $35
  • 3 Days A Week
  • 30 Minutes Class


Per Month
$ 45
  • Weekend (SAT & SUN)
  • 45 Minutes Class