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Quran Classes for Kids – Part 3

  1. Special Designed Course; Quran for Kids
  2. Experienced and Certified Quran Teachers
  3. Online One-on-One Quran Classes for Kids
  4. Weekly and Monthly Reports to the Parents
  5. Kids will not Only learn the Quran in this Course
  6. Best Price



The Quran course for kids is specially designed by a board of experts Quran teachers. To teach the Holy book of Allah to children in a friendly environment. As it provides an exciting atmosphere to learn Quran for kids. Once the children start the Quran online they will learn the Quran from their heart. And, at the end of the coursestudents will be able to read the Quran correctly and accurately as per the rules of Tajweed.

Also, we have to mention here that in our online Quran classes for beginners. The students learn and memorize the Quran online from 2-3 years of duration. But it depends on the Quran students’ attention, determinations, and the classes they take per week.

We do not teach Quran online only to Kids but alike to adults, ladies, or women too around the world. Feel free to contact Online Madrasa!


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